What is ultrasound

Medical ultrasound is a technique in which sound waves are used to make an image of internal organs. Obstetric ultrasound, or prenatal ultrasound, is the use of medical ultrasound in pregnancy, in which sound waves are used to create real-time visual images of the developing embryo or fetus in the uterus (womb).
There are two ways to make an ultrasound during pregnancy: internally and externally (transvaginal and transabdominal). Both methods are (usually) not painful and do not harm the pregnancy.

Ultrasounds at Verloskundigen Amersfoort

We perform ultrasounds during pregnancy ourselves. The midwives who perform these ultrasounds are not only midwives but also certified diagnostic medical sonographers. They are specially trained to be able to carry out these examinations. Iris and Karin are ‘basic’ sonographers. Angélique and Annewil are ‘basic’ and ‘SEO’ sonographers.

At our practice you can follow the ultrasound procedure on a large screen yourself. You will learn about the results and findings of the examination immediately from your midwife/sonographer. You will receive a photo of your baby during the term ultrasound and 20-week ultrasound. Please avoid bringing young children as that will prevent unrest and stress for us and for yourselves.


An ultrasound is a snapshot and it only gives a general picture of the baby. This means that significant abnormalities in the baby are usually seen, but not all abnormalities are visible. So even after performing an ultrasound, it can never be said with certainty that you will have a perfectly healthy baby. Should an abnormality be found unexpectedly (or if the midwife suspects one) this will always be discussed with you.

Experience has taught us that most pregnant women and their partners want as much information as possible about the health and possible abnormalities of their future child. If you do not want to be informed about (suspected) abnormal findings, please indicate this before the examination. Then your midwife/sonographer will take this into account.



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