About us

‘Verloskundigen Amersfoort’ consists of a team of five midwives:
Martine Gerritsen, Annewil van ’t Zelfde, Angélique Stuit, Iris Lunenborg and Karin van den Brink.

Two assistants complete our team:
Gerda de Gooijer en Saskia van der Knaap.

Together we will give you professional support and guidance during your pregnancy. Our goal is for you to look back on your pregnancy with satisfaction, pride and joy. We consider it a privilege to be able to guide and support pregnant women during this special period.

In our practice, we have the equipment and expertise to offer all required medical ultrasounds. That is why you will always meet with one of our five midwives during your checkups and examinations. We strive to schedule your appointments in such a way that you get to meet all of us before childbirth, so we get to know each other.

Of course we all have professional confidentiality.


Occasionally, we supervise internships. We believe it is important that midwifery students are properly supervised and trained. Students may join us during appointment hours and duty activities (deliveries and home visits). The more senior the student, the more activities s/he will do under our supervision. When there is an intern, there will always be an announcement in our waiting room and you may find more information about the student on our website (under the News section).
If you object to the presence of an intern, please let us know.



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