Postnatal care

During the first period after giving birth, it is important that you are provided with the appropriate information, instructions and care. During the first 8 days you will be assisted by a maternity nurse to ensure that the care of you and your baby runs as smoothly as possible. During these 8 days we will visit you a number of times to see how you are doing. At the end of the postnatal care period you will have sufficient tools and experience to take good care of your baby.

During the postnatal period, you will notice many changes. You have just become parents, you are going to take care of your baby and you will get to know your baby. Similarly, your baby will also get to know you and get used to the new situation. By taking care of your baby you will start experiencing a lack of sleep. You also have to get used to the new situation and you still have a lot of hormones in your body. In addition, your body must recover from childbirth and pregnancy. All in all, this makes the postnatal period a particularly beautiful, but also intense and emotional time. Therefore, it is important to take enough rest and time.

After 8 days, the maternity week is over, but the first six weeks after delivery represent the recovery period. You need these weeks to get stronger after giving birth. This is of course also an exciting and educational period for you as parents.



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