Maternity care

A maternity nurse provides care and support during the delivery and the first 8 days after childbirth. She will teach and help you how to take care of your baby, she helps with the feeding, she carries out medical checks on both mother and baby and supports the family in the household.


As midwives we work closely with the maternity nurse. We will visit you at home approximately 3 to 4 times during the maternity period. If there is anything specific or in case of urgent questions, the maternity nurse will call us to discuss..


The maternity nurse assists us during a home birth. After the delivery, she will stay a little longer to be able to make a good start with your newborn baby and to clean up a few things.

As of May 2014, it is also possible for the maternity nurse to assist us during your delivery in the hospital. After the delivery, the maternity nurse will go home with you and continue the care from home. If there is a reason to be transferred to the hospital during your delivery, the maternity nurse will hand over her tasks to a hospital nurse.

Are you curious to know what maternity care agencies cooperate in supporting a hospital birth? Refer below.

Health insurance

Every new mother in the Netherlands is entitled to maternity care. Maternity care is covered by the basic insurance. This means that every insurance policy reimburses the basic hours of maternity care. You are entitled to at least 24 hours of maternity care, spread across 8 days. The number of maternity care hours to which you are entitled is determined as per the ‘Landelijke Indicatie Protocol’ (LIP). It is important to know that you will incur a small personal contribution per hour. If you want more information about this, please contact your health insurance company.


We advise you to register for maternity care before the 16th week. As soon as you are registered you are entitled to assistance from a maternity nurse during and after the delivery.

Maternity agencies in this region are in the KSV and have a contract to work in the Meander hospital are:

Do you wish to give birth at home and would you like a person who knows you. Then you can opt for an independently working maternity nurse. She will meet you during the pregnancy and will only accept clients to a limited extent, in order to have the opportunity to provide full maternity care.

Please also refer to other things to take care of during your pregnancy, at Things to arrange.



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