We as midwives will accompany you during these nine special months. On this page you will find a lot of information about pregnancy.

Communication and cooperation between the expectant mother and the midwives are very important for an optimal supervision and guidance of the pregnancy. During your pregnancy you will regularly come to our practice for check-ups. In our practice we offer two different forms of pregnancy check-ups. You can opt for short checks (approx. 12 appointments of 10-15 mins each) or you can choose to participate in Centering Pregnancy (8 group sessions of 2 hours each). You can choose what suits you. Research shows that pregnant women feel better informed and are more confident in their delivery when they followed Centering Pregnancy sessions. There is more time and opportunity for questions and this also allows us to go into more detail on subjects than in the individual pregnancy checks. Because all the session dates are known in advance, they can be planned well.

We are always available for questions and / or complaints. With our knowledge and skills we will keep a close eye on whether your pregnancy is progressing normally. A lot will change in your life during your pregnancy. It is our goal to guide you and your partner in this. We will adapt our care to your needs. It is therefore important that you can tell us everything. There is no such thing as a silly question, feel free to tell us what makes you insecure or worries you. In addition to answering your questions, we will give you tips and advice and, if necessary, refer you to the gynecologist in case of problems.



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