Quality is of utmost importance within our midwifery practice. As a pregnant woman you deserve the best care.
All midwives of Verloskundigen Amersfoort are registered in the quality register of the KNOV.
We ensure that our knowledge remains up to date by regularly participating in refresher courses, courses and training.


As a midwife, we are specialized in supervising and monitoring a normal pregnancy, delivery and maternity bed.
You come to us to determine whether your pregnancy is developing healthy and normally. In the event of complications, we will discuss whether to refer you to a gynecologist.
If we find or suspect that your pregnancy is progressing abnormally, we will discuss this with you. By detecting problems as early as possible in the pregnancy, better results are achieved for both mother and child.
Monitoring a normal pregnancy is a collaboration between you, as a pregnant woman, her partner and us, as midwives. Together we are alert and together we contribute to detecting deviations.
If you feel that things are not going well, or if you experience clear complaints, it is important to always share this with us.

Professional secrecy

As midwives, just like the general practitioner, for example, we are bound by professional secrecy. Everything that is discussed during office hours, during childbirth or maternity visits remains secret.

The gynecologist

A gynecologist specializes in the course of a complicated or high-risk pregnancy. The gynecologist has additional knowledge and more resources available for research, compared to the midwife. If an increased risk or complication arises prior to your pregnancy, during your pregnancy or during childbirth, the gynecologist is the right choice for you.

KNOV kwaliteitskenmerk - Verloskundigen Amersfoort



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