Baby blues

Most women experience some form of an emotional labile period in their maternity week, which is often referred to as baby blues. Please also refer to common complaints in the maternity period.

For roughly 10% of the new mothers, this unstable feeling does not go away. These women often feel sad and hopeless. They lose confidence in themselves and take less care of themselves. This gives them a lot of guilt towards their newborn, which can make the situation quite difficult.

Women in this situation often feel that no one will understand the feelings they have, after all, shouldn’t they be happy? As a result, they often feel detached from their surroundings. As a partner you can also feel insecure and lost in this.

Obviously, these women need help. Then either you, your partner or someone close should call us or your GP urgently!

For more information (in Dutch unfortunately), visit or the website of therapist Hetty Belgraver.



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