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When an expectant mother is well prepared for labor, she is better able to cope with the unpredictability and pain it may bring. If she understands what is happening in her body and why everything that is happening is okay, she will be able to accept and handle everything just fine. This results in her being less tense and better cope with the pain.
This also applies to breastfeeding. Knowing what to expect makes breastfeeding more likely to succeed.
In addition, you may also want to prepare for post-natal care. This will also aid in expectation management.

There is plenty of reading material available. Following a pregnancy course may also be a good addition. On top, there are information sessions that can be attended.

  • We organize a monthly information session on childbirth for all our pregnant women and partners between 28 and 32 weeks. We invite couples who are expecting their first child, but of course you are also welcome if you have already given birth before.
    The evening session is intended to prepare for the delivery. If you know roughly what to expect, you can look forward to the delivery with more confidence. Topics that will be covered include: preparation for the delivery; start of labor; opening up; pain relief; expulsion and post-natal care. In addition, there is ample opportunity to ask questions.
  • Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 pandemic we cannot organize these sessions at this time. Hence, Angelique has provided some videos. In these recordings (only available in Dutch), she discusses the same topics you would have had in regular sessions.


Start labor

Rupture of the membranes


Dilation phase

The effects of pain

The expulsion phase




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