Things to arrange during your pregnancy


In principle, all obstetric care is reimbursed when it is medically indicated. There are a few exceptions, for example if the examination is your own choice, such as an additional ultrasound or the NIPT. But also a hospital delivery without medical indication or a ride in the ambulance will incur additional costs not reimbursed by your insurance. If you are curious about what exactly is and what is not reimbursed by your insurance company, view the overview on (in Dutch).

GP and pharmacy

It is important to inform your GP and pharmacy when you are pregnant. When you go to the GP with complaints, s/he can take your pregnancy into consideration. This can be very important in making the correct diagnoses and prescribing medication. The pharmacy will also register your pregnancy in their system. This way, additional safety is in place when medication is dispensed. During your pregnancy you have to be careful in choosing the correct type of medicine.

Maternity care

We advise you to register for maternity care before the 16th week. As soon as you are registered, you are entitled to the assistance of a maternity nurse during and after the delivery. You can register directly through your health insurer or at the maternity agency as per your own preference. In principle, it does not matter to us where you register for maternity care.

For various options for maternity care agencies and more information, refer ‘Maternity care‘.

Maternity package

Most additional insurance policies (‘aanvullende zorgverzekeringen’) will reimburse a maternity package and ensure that you get sent one to your home address. You can initiate this when you inform your insurance company that you are pregnant. Sometime, you may not be sufficiently insured to receive such a maternity package. In that case you have to arrange the maternity package yourself. You always need a maternity package, regardless of a home birth or a hospital delivery.

For more information about the package contents and other affairs, refer Things to arrange during pregnancy.

Pregnancy courses

You may want to request information about pregnancy courses at the beginning of your pregnancy. Most courses start around the 6th month of pregnancy. Taking a course is not mandatory, but it is an excellent way to prepare for childbirth. Some examples include: pregnancy gymnastics, yoga, haptonomy, Mensendieck, ‘Samen Bevallen’ and pregnancy swimming. Look and ask around, ask your midwife for information and choose a course that suits you.

For more information, refer Courses.


As a biological father you are not automatically the official father of your child. This only applies if you are married. If you are not married, it is wise to arrange recognition of your child before s/he is born. This allows the both of you to register that you are father and mother of your child; this also allows you to choose the child’s surname. For the recognition you have to go to the town hall together.


Inquire about childcare options in your area and ask about the required period for registering your expectant child.

Check for childcare in your area (in Dutch).

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