Our midwives

Karin van den Brink

I am Karin van den Brink. After first enjoying a temporary stay of 4 months, I joined our practice as a permanent midwife soon after… Continue →

Annewil van 't Zelfde

I am Annewil van ‘t Zelfde. Since 2006 I have been working as a midwife in various practices. In April 2007 I came to… Continue →

Iris Luneborg

My name is Iris Lunenborg. After years of working as a substitute in this practice, I had the opportunity to become part of… Continue →

Angelique Nichting

My name is Angélique Stuit. I have lived in Amersfoort since my youth and was therefore glad that I could start working… Continue →

Angelique Nichting

My name is Simone de Bekker and I was born and raised in Amersfoort.Continue →

Angelique Nichting

My name is Marieke Boersma, I am 39 years old and I am a mother of four children.Continue →