You can write down your preferences for the delivery in advance. This is also referred to as a “birth plan”. We like to call it your “birth wishes” and have made a template document for this. Some women like to prepare for the delivery in this way. At the same time, it is a nice way to discuss with your partner what your expectations are of the delivery and of each other.

It is also a means to let your midwife and other healthcare providers know what is important to you, what your ideas and preferences are and how you would like to be treated and supported.

plaatje folder geboorteplanIf all goes well, one of us will supervise the birth of your baby. How this will play out is hard to predict. It may start with contractions or with a rupture of the membranes.

During the 33-week check-up, we will explain when you should call us during the delivery. During this session we can also discuss your birth preferences. We would like to ask you to e-mail this in advance so that we have time to read and prepare beforehand. There may be medical or practical challenges or even objections that we will address. If so, we will look for alternatives together with you.

Of course we try to take your preferences into account as much as possible. Please note though that there can always be circumstances that cause us to deviate from the plan. We would only know there and then, but we will always explain why things happen as they are happening.

The e-mail that we will send to confirm the corresponding check-up appointment will hold a link to our self-made ‘birth preferences’ template document. Please fill that in and return to us. Of course, you may also produce one yourself, or use an example provided by the KNOV or De Verloskundige (in Dutch).



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