We are available 24 hours a day on our service number (just call the midwife on duty) to help you with a miscarriage.

Unfortunately, it often happens that women miscarry. About 10% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. When you have a miscarriage, it is an emotional period. The miscarriage often brings an abrupt end to plans and fantasies about your expected child.
We try to guide you as best as possible during this period. You can contact us with all your questions or concerns.


Blood loss and/or abdominal pain can be the first signs of a miscarriage. Blood loss is more common during pregnancy and does not always mean that you are having a miscarriage. Roughly 50% of women who experience blood loss in the first trimester have a miscarriage.
Sometimes only a medical ultrasound can tell that the heart is not beating or that the pregnancy has not properly developed.

At approximately 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, using the ultrasound, we can see whether the heart is beating. With a beating heart, the chance of a miscarriage is small, but certainly not excluded. Remember, an ultrasound examination does not change the outcome of the pregnancy. Making an ultrasound will therefore not always provide certainty or reassurance.


The cause of a miscarriage is usually a predisposition disorder. During fertilization, an abnormality in the chromosomes happened by chance, which gives rise to a developmental disorder. The embryo is not in order and nature finds a logical solution, as it were: it does not grow any further and the body rejects it. Usually these are not hereditary defects and the occurrence of a miscarriage has no consequences for a possible subsequent pregnancy. A miscarriage is therefore no reason for further investigation. This is only advised after two or more miscarriages.


You cannot prevent or treat a miscarriage. You can choose between waiting for the spontaneous course or having the pregnancy tissue removed with the aid of a curettage or medication (prostaglandin tablets). Each approach has advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss with you.
If you face any complications such as a lot of blood loss or abdominal pain, a curettage will be decided more quickly. If necessary, we refer you to the gynecologist for further support of your miscarriage.

When to contact us earlier?

It is wise to contact your midwife or GP in the following situations:

  • Heavy bleeding (prolonged and more than during your usual period).
  • In case of dizziness or fainting.
  • In case of prolonged abdominal pain and / or blood loss. This can be an indication of an incomplete miscarriage.
  • If you get a fever (temperature of 38 ° degrees or higher).

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