2022-03-14T20:43:05+01:001 March 2022|

New location As of April 1, we will move to our new location near Emiclaer, 'Het masker 208/210', is under construction. We are looking forward to meeting you there very lees meer...

Dutch midwifery system

2021-09-21T12:39:43+02:0021 September 2021|

In Holland we are unique! For some women it is different, another system than in their home country. This film shows you how it is arranged in the Netherlands.

English website online

2021-07-12T09:49:30+02:0012 July 2021|

The English translation of our website is complete and now available! We welcome your feedback in case of inconsistencies, mistakes, questions or general remarks. Contact us.

English website

2021-06-24T20:25:58+02:0010 June 2021|

As you may have seen, we are working on the English translation of our website. Please bear with us whilst it is still under construction!

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