Complaints procedure

Of course we would like to hear that our clients are satisfied with the care we provide. Even if you are not satisfied and have complaints with regard to the obstetric care provided, we would like to hear from you too.

How do we deal with complaints in our practice? What can you do if you are not satisfied? Read on if you want to know more about our complaints procedure.

Tell us what’s bothering you

It is important that you feel comfortable with your midwife. Because being pregnant is exciting enough. That is why we do everything we can to guide you and your baby well. Do you have any questions? Any doubts? Are you dissatisfied with something? Then tell us. Preferably as soon as possible, but also if you have had it for a longer while. Then we talk about it together and try to do something about it quickly. Maybe we can clear up a misunderstanding. Or reassure you. Or start working in a way that makes you feel more comfortable.

We are happy to have a conversation

It may happen that we just do not have sufficient time if you want to discuss something with us. That’s annoying. But we ask for your understanding for this. Our work is not always easy to plan. A childbirth always takes priority. We are happy to make a separate appointment with you. Then we’ll have some quiet time to talk.

Contact a complaints officer

Would you like to know more about your rights or would you like advice? Or would you like to discuss your complaint with someone else first? Or do you like it when someone helps you submit a complaint?
Please contact the complaints officer.
The complaints officers are impartial. They will discuss with you what you are dissatisfied with and what you would like to achieve with your complaint. They advise you what to do. They also help you to start the conversation with us if you find that difficult. Or to write a letter about the complaint. The complaints officer can help you and us to find a solution together. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential.

You can contact a complaints officer via

The midwife will try to deal with your complaint within six weeks, possibly together with the complaints officer. Within this period you will receive a message from us about what we have done with your complaint.
If you cannot resolve the matter with the obstetrician and the mediation of the complaints officer, you can submit your complaint to the Disputes Body for Obstetrics. This independent body investigates and assesses whether your complaint is justified. It makes a binding decision on this.

For more information, please refer to the website of the Geschilleninstantie Verloskunde.


The BIG register provides clarity about the authority of a care provider. We are obliged to make our BIG number known to you. This way you can check whether your healthcare provider is registered in the BIG register. As a healthcare provider, we can be quickly found through our BIG number without being confused with a colleague with the same last name and the same profession.

Below you will find our registrations:

Martine Gerritsen: 19914549303
Angelique Nichting: 99035777903
Karin van den Brink: 29911285203
Annewil van ‘t Zelfde: 19065896503
Iris Lunenborg: 19916137803



Would you like to register or do you have a question?
Contact us →



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